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Unlock Your Competitors Most Profitable Email Sequences, While Optimizing Your eCommerce Emails With The “Perfect Inbox™” A.i

Discover How 9 Figure eCommerce Brands Are 10xing Their Monthly Email Revenue, While Recovering & Re-engaging Lost Abandoned Carts & Customer Win-back Email Campaigns All With The Click Of A Button.

Unleash The Power of Artificial Intelligence

For Your eCommerce Email Campaigns

Join The Hundreds Of eCommerce Brands, Who are Unlocking Their Competitors Most Lucrative Email Campaigns, Reducing Customer Churn & High Acquisition Cost.

How Sequences.ai Can Help You Save More Money

No More Wasting Time

No More Wasting Time & Money On Useless Email Templates That Don’t Work For Your Beauty Brand Or Your Industry!!

Recover Abandoned Carts

The average abandonment cart rate for eCommerce online stores was calculated at 77.13%. This means that out of everyone that adds something to their cart on an eCommerce store, ¾ of these shoppers will leave the site without completing a purchase. This is why it’s so vitally important for your brand’s success to continuously improve your brands Abandonment cart flow’s & there is no better way than utilizing A.i

Increase Customer Retention

Research shows that “80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.” So, your team must focus on satisfying customers and ensuring they gain value. To keep eCommerce consumers in the sales cycle, create email campaigns that engage and educate your audience. Unlock how 9 figure eCommerce builds retention emails and how your brand can implement the same techniques.

No More Wasted Ad Budgets

No More Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Copywriters Who Are Just Gambling With Your Brands Email Marketing Future

10x Your Monthly Email Revenue

Find All Of The Lucrative Backend Offers & Partnerships, That 7 to 9 Figure Beauty Brands Use To Increase Their Monthly Revenue

Reduce Acquisition Cost

As an eCommerce store owner, You understand the importance of having a paid media buying strategy, it's the lifeline of your company's existence. If you aren’t able to advertise your brand then you're essentially a fish out of water, but with the ever increasing cost on many of these advertising platforms and the new IOS 14.5 update, there has never been a more important time to focus on your brands email marketing strategies. Utilizing Sequences.ai you will now have the ability to see how many of the 7 to 9 figure brands are reducing their acquisition cost either through: referral programs, brand partnerships and “UGC” marketing strategies.

The “Perfect Inbox™”A.i

As an eCommerce brand owner, your brands #1 goal is to always be in constant communication with your customer’s.

In order to reach them effectively you must always land in their inbox and try your hardest to stay away from the dreaded black hole called the promotion / spam folder.

This is the reason why we created the “Perfect Inbox™” A.i.

Not only does it showcase your competitors email creatives & campaigns but it also creates a real time testing & grading environment for your own email creatives.

The A.i will in real time effectively help you to accurately identify and highlight areas in your email creatives that can negatively affect your inboxing potential whether its ( lopsided Image to text ratio, overuse of emojis, poor subject lines, real time collection of blacklisted trigger words etc etc..).

In short the A.i helps you to perfect landing into more inboxes which equals more sales.

Can A 5 Grader Read Your Email Or Do You Need A Master’s Degree?

After analyzing millions of eCommerce emails daily with our “Perfect Inbox™” A.i . There is one recurring trait that hundreds of thousands of brands all have and all fail at doing. Crafting email content that a 5 grader can read! This is one of the main factors that makes our A.i so unique & proprietary, its Grade level Readability analyzer.

If the average consumer’s IQ is listed between 90 – 100 why do so many brands craft email content that requires a MBA or a doctorate degree to read??

On top of that the majority of eCommerce emails being sent today are rated above a 12th grade reading level. This is why having the “Perfect Inbox ” A.i is so important. It breaks down each email readability level from it’s subject line to its body creatives. Each email is then graded against the hundreds of thousands brands within its specific category and then given a customized report of its effectiveness against its competitors and against its industry.

Learning how to craft better email content that speaks directly to your customers, will not only help them to understand your brand more on a personal level but it will help to convert them into a more passionate buyer & an advocate for your store.

How Sequences.ai Works?

Search For A Competitor Beauty Brand

Enter Your Target Industry Or Competitor Brand Name

Unlock Their Most Profitable Email Campaigns

View All Of Their Active & Hidden Email Flow & Campaigns Even Unlock All Of Their A/B Split Test Variations

A.i Optimize Your Email Flows & Campaigns For Better Inboxing With Our Proprietary A.i Inbox Email Grader

See how well your email creatives inboxes with the different Email providers. Grade your brands subject lines & creatives against 1000’s of beauty brands

Sequences.ai Is Built With You In Mind

Discover How Sequences.ai Is Helping Beauty Brands To Land In The Inbox More, While Optimizing Their Email Creatives Utilizing A.i

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